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2014 MLS Draft Profile - Jared Watts

The 2014 MLS Draft is coming up on January 16th, and there are a ton of different options that the Rapids could potentially go for with the 11th overall pick in the first round and their two picks in the second round. In the days leading up to Draft day, we'll profile a few of them.

This seems to be the most popular choice for the Rapids when it comes to the mock drafting crew. With Hendry Thomas' future in doubt and little depth otherwise in the defensive midfield, Watts seems to make sense for the Rapids with pick No. 11.

Watts is hard tackling, a big guy for a midfielder and a decent enough passer of the ball to fit in a midfield that also contains guys like Nathan Sturgis and, eventually, Shane O'Neill. He made the ACC All-First Team in 2011 and 2012, and got slightly better at putting points on the board as his college career progressed, going from no points in his freshman year to two goals and four assists a piece in his Junior and Senior years.

I've never been completely sold on Watts being a perfect match for the Rapids because Shane O'Neill is reportedly planning on moving to the Rapids midfield next year. There's also no guarantee that the Rapids will be using two defensive midfielders again next year with Oscar Pareja on the way out. Then again, I thought the same things about Deshorn Brown last year, and the Rapids went with him anyway. That pick seemed to have worked out.

One more fun point: his club team was North Meck Soccer Club, which recently turned into the Carolina Rapids. So it might be meant to be!