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Buyout To Send Oscar Pareja To Dallas Is Reportedly Done

The most likely end to the Oscar Pareja era from the start looks like it's about to be done, as a buyout has reportedly been completed which will send him to FC Dallas.

The old and the new, together here?
The old and the new, together here?
Doug Pensinger

Despite all the twists and turns, it was always most likely that Oscar Pareja would end up with FC Dallas at the end of the roller coaster that has been this latest head coaching saga for the Rapids. It looks like that's exactly what's going to happen, as 3rd Degree, who got the latest boulder rolling in this saga to begin with, reported via twitter that a buyout had indeed been negotiated by the Rapids.

That means Pareja is headed to Dallas and the Rapids are going to get some compensation, even if that compensation is only in the form of allocation cash.

Though the details are still pretty murky about this whole ordeal, here's what we do know:

  • The ordeal was not about money, as was first insinuated. Charles Boehm confirmed our report from earlier with other sources saying that Pareja did indeed have his contract options all exercised and was set to be extended to 2015 with a decent enough paycheck. Pareja's leaving almost certainly hinged on his wanting to return to his family and home in Dallas, nothing else.
  • As of right now, the league is not involved, which means that the reported 'tampering' charges have either not yet materialized or were simply dismissed by MLS before we even got to this point. As of right now, we can assume that the buyout probably only includes money unless something changes on that front.
  • Pareja's appearance at work since resigning really was just him playing out the string, and the trade that sent Atiba Harris to San Jose was orchestrated not by him, but by Paul Bravo.

One would assume that the messy details will start to come out as soon as the Rapids make a formal announcement about the whole thing.

With that done, along with the Cabrera news that just came out, it looks like Robin Fraser is the most likely candidate to take over the vacant position in Colorado. They'll have to hurry, as there are now fewer than 10 days left until the SuperDraft and, despite the fact that Paul Bravo doesn't seem shy about making moves on his own with or without a head coach, it would be nice to know who will be overseeing our young team going into the 2014 season.