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2014 MLS Draft Profiles: Mamadou Doudou Diouf

The 2014 MLS Draft is coming up on January 16th, and there are a ton of different options that the Rapids could potentially go for with the 11th overall pick in the first round and their two picks in the second round. In the days leading up to Draft day, we'll profile a few of them.

I can hear it now. "REEEEACH!". Yeah, I'm profiling Mamadou Doudou Diouf, the man with the best name in the entire draft, as a potential pick for the Rapids at No. 11. Haters gonna hate, same thing happened with CJ Sapong and look at him now!

Diouf was one of my favorite players in college last season, and I actually expected him to eschew his senior season and go straight to the draft after scoring 15 goals his junior year and 13 his sophomore year. Unfortunately, his decision to go back to school might have hurt him a bit, as he only got two goals and five assists in his final year. Diouf is the type of forward that the Rapids need. That is, a great finisher. He can score with both his feet and his head and looked very comfortable in front of goal during his two great seasons. Even this year, when his production dipped, he still made All-Conference Second Team.

And if the Rapids don't bite on him at No. 11, he might well fall to them in the second round if teams actually were scared off by his senior year production. So there.