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Oscar Pareja Apparently Still Not Gone

You know a guy has a good work ethic if he's still showing up to work three days after he resigned.

Doug Pensinger

You know, for a guy who supposedly turned in a letter of resignation to his team a few days ago, Oscar Pareja is apparently not all that good at the whole 'being gone' thing. We spent the entire weekend talking about a potential coaching search and what happens? The guy up and shows up to work on Monday:

It's worth pointing out that this doesn't mean that Pareja is actually sticking around. It could be that the Rapids just haven't hammered out any details of his leaving if he's trying to move down to Dallas and they're trying to get a buyout sorted before he officially takes a hike. Perhaps they still aren't ready to announce him as gone, and, being the magnanimous guy that he is, he agreed to stick around for another couple of days for appearances.

Either way, for a guy who was supposed to have resigned in a huff, this is certainly... interesting. I'm not keeping my hopes up that Pareja sticks around, but this certainly throws a wrench into things. Hopefully we have some concrete answers on all of this as soon as possible.