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2014 MLS Draft Profiles: Eric Miller

The 2014 MLS Draft is coming up on January 16th, and there are a ton of different options that the Rapids could potentially go for with the 11th overall pick in the first round and their two picks in the second round. In the days leading up to Draft day, we'll profile a few of them.

SB Nation, as we do every year, did a little mock draft with all of its MLS editors. The number one name on my mini-draft board going into the mock was Eric Miller out of Creighton.

There are a few reasons why Miller would make sense from a Colorado standpoint. He's Generation Adidas (you'll notice that this is a theme with my favorite potential picks at this spot) which means that he won't count against the salary cap, vital for a team that is currently being crunched up against the side of the cap like the Rapids are. Right back is probably the most pressing need on the team right now, and Miller projects to be a good one in the future.

He's got plenty of star power behind him. He won several accolades with Creighton and played in the U-20 World Cup as a right back, the position he's been playing all through college. As a former attacking midfielder, he knows how to bring some attacking presence to the right side of the pitch, something that the team was missing with Marvell Wynne as the fullback there last season.

Miller isn't supposed to fall to the Rapids at No. 11. Most people seem to have him locked in with the Whitecaps at pick No. 7, or even earlier than that. Remember that this is the SuperDraft, though. Walker Zimmerman and Eriq Zavaleta were supposed to be Top 5 picks last year, and dropped to the middle of the round instead. Remember Anthony Ampaipitakwong in 2011? We were talking about how wanting to draft him with pick No. 18 was a pipe dream, and he ended up falling several rounds.

If I'm the Rapids and I'm crafting a big board, Miller is at the top of the list.