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Oscar Pareja Reportedly Steps Down From Rapids Coaching Position

For the second time in three years, it looks like the Rapids will be without a coach dangerously close to the SuperDraft.

Otto Greule Jr

Ives Galarcep, while writing for, has reported a bit of a bombshell. Reportedly, Oscar Pareja has stepped down from the head coaching position at the Colorado Rapids following a rather tumultuous off-season filled with rumors of his departure to FC Dallas.

Obviously, this is a shocking development after a few weeks of 'will he or won't he' with Dallas, especially after we had heard a new contract had indeed been discussed. He won't be going to Dallas, at least not immediately. He is still under contract with the Rapids despite stepping down from the position, and the Hoops would still have to buy his contract out from Colorado if they want him to coach them this season. If they so wish, they could instead wait a year and allow him to move to FC Dallas once his commitment to the Rapids ended.

The post has Robin Frasier and John Spencer as the two most likely candidates to replace him (to both, I say 'ick') but I'm still betting that Wilmer Cabrera will be the more likely choice to lead the team into 2014 so that the team can keep some level of continuity going into 2014. Spencer makes little sense as his favored method of direct soccer would not mesh with the type of soccer that Colorado has tried to cultivate since Pareja took over -- an idea that Paul Bravo is obviously fond of keeping after the fiasco that he and Gary Smith went through a few years back -- and Frasier has an absolutely god-awful stint as Chivas USA coach as his only head coaching experience.

With the SuperDraft only days away, Cabrera makes the most sense to avoid a lengthy and messy coaching search. If the Rapids are indeed set on going a different direction though, let's hope they don't make a panic hire like Spencer would seem to be.

It's worth pointing out that this has not been confirmed by any official sources yet, including Chris Bianchi, who is probably closer to the club than anyone in terms of sources. We'll update this space as soon as confirmation for or against comes.