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Going Into The Draft, What Is Colorado's Biggest Position Of Need?

The Rapids may be waiting until the SuperDraft to make any moves. Going into it, what's our biggest position of need?

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You may have noticed that the only real moves that the Rapids have made so far during this off-season have been to send players out, including Jaime Castrillon and Diego Calderon. So far, Marc Burch is the only addition we've seen. We're obviously going to see a few more before the off-season ends, since there are so many minor areas of need that the Rapids either need a starter or depth in.

The 2014 MLS SuperDraft is coming up in just under two weeks, and that might be the point where we start to see the dominoes start to fall in terms of real roster movement, specifically on the acquisitions side of things. With three picks in the top two rounds again, Colorado will surely try and pick up at least one potential starter. With pick 11 though, the very best of the very best will be off the board. Disregarding that, what do you think is the most pressing position of need for the Rapids -- that is, what position would you rather they draft the next Dillon Powers for in this draft? (It's apt, he was picked with No. 11 as well!)

Left back has been omitted from the list because come on, we have Klute, and you can use 'forward' if the traditional position of winger is your choice, since Colorado is a team that doesn't use wingers in that traditional sense.