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2013 Rapids Player Rating & Review - Tony Cascio

Sophomore slumps? We had 'em. Or at least, we had one. Hi Tony Cascio!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

As we do every year, through the month of December (and January) we'll be doing ratings and reviews of every player who played even a slightly significant amount of minutes for the Colorado Rapids in 2013. We'll start from the goalkeepers and move our way up to the forwards. Today, we'll cover Tony Cascio.

Name: Tony Cascio
Number: 14
Appearances: 13 (530 minutes)
Stats: 1 goal

When going into 2014, I think we can all just wish for one thing: all of the rookies avoid the dreaded sophomore slump. The same one that hit Tony Cascio in 2013, and hit him hard. Tony got some minutes to start the year off, but they quickly started to dry up. The play against the Fire where he made a great far post run only to hit the post in a situation where it would have been easier to score sums it up pretty well.

Of course, he also scored the goal that finished off one of the greatest regular season games in Rapids history, so at least there's that. Oscar Pareja and co. said earlier in the off-season that they'll be trying to find more minutes for guys like him in 2014, so with the sophomore slump out of the way, this year will probably be the year where we find out what kind of career Cascio is really going to end up with.

If nothing else, we'll always have his Twitter account for a giggle or two.




Wait, that's just a .gif of me watching Tony Cascio this year. My bad.