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2014 MLS Cup Odds: Bovada Expecting A Colorado Collapse

There's no love coming from Bovada ahead of the 2014 season; Colorado has been given the fourth lowest odds in MLS to win the Cup next year.

Pictured: Colorado losing in Vegas
Pictured: Colorado losing in Vegas

Oscar Pareja leaving the team for FC Dallas didn't seem to faze the front office all that much. They're sticking with their new club-wide philosophy and seem ready to head into 2014 with a very talented, young team regardless of who is wearing the managerial pin. Oddsmakers aren't quite as impressed. Bovada's odds for MLS Cup 2014 came out today, with a bit of analysis from Steve Davis at NBC's ProSoccerTalk.

The odds aren't in our favor. After a somewhat turbulent off-season that saw Pareja head south, Colorado's expectations apparently took a mighty tumble. They're listed at 50/1 for the Cup, the fourth lowest odds in the entire league.

I find it somewhat ridiculous that someone could look at a playoff team from last year that lost few parts in the off-season (this is even including Hendry Thomas and Martin Rivero in the loss category) and throw them so far down because of a coaching change. They're behind teams like Vancouver, who lost both their coach and their best player from last season, and Chicago, who were carried single-handedly by one player having a 2012 Quakes-like season.

I suppose if Colorado's going to make a run, they're going to have to do it as a dark horse once again. All I'm saying is that I'm thinking of chucking $50 at those odds.