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Preseason Has Started, And Pablo Mastroeni Is In Charge (For Now)

Pablo Mastroeni appears to be getting a bit of a 'test drive' before the Rapids make their coaching hire. (That coaching hire is probably gonna be Pablo.)

Doug Pensinger

If there were betting odds for MLS coaching spots like there are overseas, the odds on Pablo Mastroeni getting the Rapids coaching job would probably be something like -50/1 right now. All the smart money is on Pablo getting the job, because he's really the only one that any of us have seen get asked about it since Oscar Pareja bolted to Dallas. The appointment still makes sense; Pablo's a tremendously well-respected guy who has played with and learned from some of the best American minds in the game over his long career, and a guy who essentially was a coach with the team two years ago while he sat the season out with concussion symptoms.

That doesn't mean that the Rapids are going to up and hand the job straight to him, though. Preseason has started for the Rapids, and with no coach in place they've given the job to Pablo without making him the full-time hire. A bit of a test drive with the first team, if you will.

Colorado's first game of the preseason will be against former Rapids (and technically current, if you count Tony Cascio) hotbed Houston Dynamo on February 2nd. Since they've waited this long, I wouldn't be surprised if Pablo is given a game, even though it will only be preseason, to test his coaching mettle before a full-time hire is made by the Rapids.