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Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC Announced As Colorado's New USL-PRO Side

Soccer fans in Colorado Springs will have a chance to watch the Switchbacks in 2015.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We finally have a name to attach to our state's newest pro team. During an event at Jack Quinn's down in the Springs hosted by Ragain Sports, the owners of the new Colorado Springs-based team, we were promised a name announcement. The name was announced as the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC.

The Switchbacks (a term for a winding trail joined with hairpin turns) will continue the tradition of Colorado-based sports teams being named for nature sounding things. (See: Rockies, Rapids.) It is, at the very least, a quite inventive name that should turn some heads when they officially join the ranks of the USL.

The team will begin play in 2015, which should give our friends at the Springs Colonials plenty of time to prepare their fair city for some pro soccer action and, perhaps, an affiliation with the MLS team a few miles north. (OK, getting ahead of ourselves again.)