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Colorado Springs USL-PRO Team Name To Be Revealed Today

We'll find out more details about the newest pro soccer team in Colorado today.

Bart Young

Colorado is getting another kid on the soccer block to go with the Colorado Rapids (MLS) and the Real Colorado Foxes (PDL), but we don't know many details about the new Colorado Springs-based USL-PRO side at the moment. That will change tonight, as the team is set to get an official naming ceremony tonight down in the Springs at Jack Quinn's. The ceremony will go from 4:30-5:30 mountain time.

Hopefully we'll also get a teaser of the colors and perhaps possible jerseys of the state's new team at the event, though just having the name should be enough to satisfy some curiosities; we do have a full year before we get to see them take the pitch, after all.

Anyone who is down in the Springs should totally go to the event and help foster in our state's second pro soccer team. (And possible USL affiliate when the time is right? Maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves.)