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2014 MLS SuperDraft: Rounds 3 & 4 To Come Today

After picking up an impressive four-player haul in the draft's first two rounds, Colorado can add a few more names to the roster on Tuesday.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado picked up Marlon Hairston, Grant van de Casteele, Jared Watts and John Berner in the first two rounds of the MLS Draft in Philadelphia, and now it's time for the less high profile guys to make their ways into MLS through the final two rounds of the draft. Instead of a Supplemental Draft, MLS made the SuperDraft four rounds again for the first time since 2011 this year. The final two rounds will take place today via conference call.

With two midfielders coming in the first two rounds, it's probably unlikely that we're going to see another midfielder come through the pipe. Ditto with center backs, since the majority of the even moderately good ones were sapped up in the first two rounds of the draft. And obviously, they're not going to grab a goalkeeper.

What positions are still possibilities here? Probably fullback and forward, to name two. It's hard to guess as to what's going to happen this late on, even more-so than it is in the first few rounds of the draft. Still, we're up for some guessing. Here are three guys you might see get their names called in rounds three and four by the Rapids today:

Wojciech Wojcik (F): Not only the most fun name in the draft to pronounce this side of Diouf and Casteele, but also a very big and smart target man who could instantly be a back-up to Edson Buddle. Underrated footwork (and he's left footed!), smart off the ball and strong enough to push just about anyone off the ball if he needs to win it in the air. I can see him turning into a faster Conor Casey type if he pans out.

Micheal Harris (RB): If only because of FLIP THROWS, someone's going to take Harris. He'd instantly provide both entertainment and a back-up for Marvell Wynne on the right side of the defense.

Zach Bolden (MF/F): After my talk with Brian Crookham, this pick sounds like it might not happen since he already had a shot in the Rapids academy and didn't pan out there. Still, if they're going to give him a second chance with the Rapids from a draft position this time, I think the kid's gonna be good.