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Colorado Rapids Coaching Search: Mastroeni Opens As The Favorite

Pablo Mastroeni is really the only name on the ballot at this point (that we know of) for the Rapids head coaching job. The search for a new head man begins today.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado was waiting until the main events of the SuperDraft were over before they got their head coaching search started. It's Monday now, and only the final two rounds of the draft remain -- those will be held via conference call, so it's not going to be an all-day event like the first two rounds in Philadelphia were. The Rapids said a few days ago that the real search would begin today, and as of right now there's only one name in the official pot, as it were: Pablo Mastroeni.

Several different sources around the web have said that Pablo is the favorite for the position, and there's really nothing out there that serves to disprove the theory. The Rapids themselves have only mentioned one name, and that's Pablo.

One would assume that over the past few days, they've taken the time to slowly get the 411 on our former captain's feeling for a possible coaching position. It shouldn't take very many more to conduct all the interviews and talks they need with him to make sure that he is ready to fit the club's philosophy as a manager and has the know-how to lead the young team into 2014.

Pablo certainly isn't a lock yet, but until we've heard another name thrown in the pot, and I don't count the second-hand mentions of Robin Fraser and John Spencer that Ives stuck into the old Pareja resigning article at this point, he's probably the only name worth paying any real attention to. By tomorrow, when the second half of the draft is done, hopefully we'll know a bit more.