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Rapids Add Depth Nearly Everywhere In The SuperDraft

Four picks into the draft, the Rapids have bolstered nearly every position on the field.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Going in, the draft looked like it was going to be a crapshoot for the Rapids. They had no real pressing needs, but instead a laundry list of positions that they were short at. Right back, Center back, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder, there were all sorts of players they could have been looking at. In the end, the Rapids were able to shrewdly trade their way to two picks in the first round and get four picks.

With their four picks, the Rapids bolstered nearly every single position of need that they had in the first two rounds of the SuperDraft. Here's the full recap of the first two rounds:

Pick No 12: Marlon Hairston. An attacking midfielder out of Louisville, very smart on the ball and with a very vocal playing style, reminds us a bit of Mr. Mastroeni.

Pick No. 19: Grant Van de Casteele. Originally New England's pick, they traded it for the 11th overall pick along with pick No. 12. A very, very good center back in high school and someone who might actually be able to step in and start immediately on the Rapids line in case of injuries or Shane O'Neill moving to the midfield.

Pick No. 33: Jared Watts. Widely expected to be taken in the first round, Watts comes in a bit late, but will provide a hard-tackling defensive option for the depleted Rapids midfield.

Pick No. 35: John Berner. Young prospect GK who will be behind two other starting-caliber keepers.