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2014 MLS SuperDraft: Colorado Rapids Trade Pick, Select Marlon Hairston With Pick No. 12

The Colorado Rapids bolstered their midfield by selecting Marlon Hairston with pick No. 12 after trading their original pick to New England.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Mystery number one has been sorted! Going into the draft, people were predicting players of every size, shape and archetype for the Rapids. Big defenders, small defensive midfielders, target forwards, you name it. Colorado decided to go with a surprise pick, an attacking midfielder, in the end by selecting midfielder Marlon Hairston out of Louisville.

Colorado traded their original pick to the New England Revolution, moving down a slot so that the Revs could pick up Patrick Mullins. Several players who were expected to be high picks, just like last year (and every other year, really) had fallen to No.12, so the Rapids had tons of options when it finally came time for them to pick.

Hairston was a smart attacking player with Louisville, though he never had huge production during his two years with the Cardinals. He is a somewhat Mastroeni-esque player with a more attack-minded style; he's very vocal on the field and smart with his passing.

Barring a trade, Colorado won't have much to do for a while. They have two picks in the second round of the draft, but will not have the 11th overall selection in that round. Instead, they have pick No. 33 and then will immediately turn around and have pick No. 35 right afterwards.