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Colorado Rapids Re-Sign Brian Mullan

Five-time MLS Cup winner Brian Mullan will return to the Rapids in 2014.


There were several guys who, entering the off-season for the Colorado Rapids, were considered as question marks. Several of those questions have still not been answered, but we have gotten a few out of the way.

Brian Mullan was one of those players who we weren't sure about. The expectation was that the veteran midfielder and defender, after losing his starting spot about halfway through last season, was going to retire this off-season. Colorado squelched that yesterday when it was announced that Mullan was coming back to the Rapids for another year.

There are still a few names that we're not completely convinced will still be on the team next season. Specifically, Marvell Wynne and Matt Pickens are still prime trade targets, but the Rapids might be waiting until their new coach is in place to make the moves if, indeed, there are moves to be made. Then again, draft day is coming up, and the Rapids pulled a flurry of moves out of their hat last year.