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Colorado Rapids Will Have No Coach For The Draft

In what's probably a smart move, the coaching search for the Rapids will reportedly start after the MLS SuperDraft.

Doug Pensinger

With Oscar Pareja out of the picture, the Rapids essentially had two options on the day he left: immediately try and speed their way through a crunch-time coaching search to make sure they had someone in place going into the SuperDraft, or just sit back, let the front office pick the players they best felt would fill out the team, and wait to make a more deliberate coaching search.

So no coach for the draft. That mean's Paul Bravo is leading the charge into Philadelphia.

This might mean that the Rapids will go for the best player available instead of one that will fill a specific slot on the field (for instance, people seem to agree that the Rapids need a new right back, defensive midfielder and forward, but those might be a 'reach' in the eyes of the FO so they might not take one if there is an overall more talented player on the board).

We'll have to wait and see. The Rapids drafting options, which were already quite up in the air, have just gotten even more so!