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Colorado Springs USL Pro Franchise Asking Fans To Name The Team

You should help Colorado's newest pro soccer team figure out a name!


There was a bit of excitement throughout the Centennial State about a month ago when it was announced that a new USL Pro team would be coming to Colorado Springs, providing both a second professional team in the state and providing an obvious partner for the Rapids when it comes time for them to pick a third-division side to partner with in 2015.

There's still plenty of work to be done before the USL Pro side takes the field though, including hiring coaches, players, etc. They also need a name, and they're asking fans to help them out by providing your best ideas for one.

You can go here to help name the team. The naming contest will be held from January 13th (that's today, hurp derp) until January 17th. This is where I would throw out some clever naming suggestions if I had any to give. Unfortunately, I don't. So, uh, carry on.