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Jamie Smith Retires, Will Join Rapids Academy Coaching Staff

Scottish favorite Jamie Smith has played his last, and will join the Rapids Academy coaching staff.

One last excuse for BENITEZ FACE
One last excuse for BENITEZ FACE
Marc Piscotty

Boy, and to think only two or three days ago we were worried about what next year's coaching and technical staff was going to look like. Though the position of assistant coach (and, eventually, the position of head coach) is still up in the air, names are getting added to the coaching and technical staff at blazing speed the past two days. First it was John Metgod, then Pablo Mastroeni, and now Jamie Smith.

The Scottish fan favorite was rumored to have coaching on his mind a few days back when the Denver Post's Terrace blog spoke to him, and only a few days later he has retired. The Rapids announced today that he would be joining the Academy coaching staff, where he'll be working under Brian Crookham. A very technical player and great passer during his playing days, he'll be a welcome addition to a youth system for a team that has been trying to foster an attractive style of soccer for the past two years.

Now, at the rate that 2010's best players are being brought in, I look forward to Julien Baudet being made head coach this time tomorrow.

Just kidding. Maybe.