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2014 MLS Mock Draft - More Possibilities For The Rapids

Three new names came up for Colorado when MLS did their latest mock.

Joe Robbins

For the longest time, it seemed like it was just the same name being thrown the way of the Rapids when MLS Mock Drafts were coming. Jared Watts was the favorite to be picked up by Colorado, and it made some sense. Since, that player pool has started to expand a little bit, and the MLS Combine is certain to shake things up even more.

MLS' last mock draft before the Combine started (it started today) put out not one, not two, but three new possibilities for the Rapids.

The first was Mark Sherrod, a big center forward out of Memphis who had a down year in 2013, but will be looked at with wide eyes after a 19-goal season in his sophomore year of 2011. He would add to the weak depth at center forward, a spot where both Deshorn Brown and Gabriel Torres looked decent but out of place last year. Edson Buddle, who struggled with injuries all season, was the main contributor at the spot last year.

Second was Damien Lowe, a big centerback out of Hartford. Lowe would make sense right off the bat because he's Generation Adidas, and the Rapids wouldn't complain about getting a talented player at any position who didn't count at all against the Cap. He's also Jamaican, and we all know how much the Rapids love their Jamaicans.

Third was Steve Neumann, an attacking midfielder out of Georgetown. He might be the most interesting choice of the bunch. He's not the most athletic guy in the draft, but he's been called the best playmaker in it. He scored 10 goals and had six assists for the Hoyas last season and would likely not need to be given huge minutes with the amount of attacking talent already in the Rapids midfield. He's GA as well, so he wouldn't need to be brought in quickly, either.

So you can add those names to the pile of others that we've seen trotted out as possibilities. Unlike last year, when the Rapids clearly knew what they needed, this one should have a fun air of mystery right 'till the end.