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How Not To Find Burgundy Wave IV: Sexy PassPass

Sometimes, people find Burgundy Wave using really weird Google search terms. Here's the fourth installment of some of my favorites.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Happy New Year, Rapids fans!

I like to root through the site analytics every so often around here, and one of the things we can see is the various search terms that people used to find the site. Since we're still a relatively small operation, sometimes random ones that only one person ever used show up in there. Sometimes, those search terms are head-scratchingly odd. Let's take a fourth look at How Not To Find Burgundy Wave:

mashalls burgandy joking suite
I think you'll find that Chad Marshall's joking suite was bright yellow until that trade.

what i hate about soccer
I swear, I've gotten hundreds of hits from people who hate soccer after I wrote this. Just as planned.

mls rapids purple wave'
On the bright side, if I changed the site name to Purple Wave, way fewer people would misspell it. To wit:

burgurdr wave
This actually appeared in the second post of this series as well, but apparently it was a common enough screw up to happen again! (Why)

humberto suazo ahead to mls
Don't toy with my emotions, random Google searcher!

luis zapata ufc fighter
That would explain his inability to defend well.

boxall vangover whitecaps
Vangover parma, bring my love to me tonight...

galaxy 2 hacker videos made by Dillons
I was unaware that Powers and Serna made Let's Play videos together. I'd watch.

sick knock knock jokes
Apparently I used this picture on the site one time and people keep finding it while searching for 'knock knock joke'. No regrets.
Who searches for the full URL of a post through Google? This guy, that's who.

0 OK

O 0|<


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