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USA vs. Costa Rica: Six Months Later, The Snowy Butthurt Is Still Strong

Costa Rica? They mad. They still so mad.


The Hex is back! Tonight, the US will play their first match of the CONCACAF World Cup Qualification final round since their win in the Gold Cup. Their opponent? A Costa Rica team that the Yanks played against in their first home match of the Hex, a game that took place at our own Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

What happened in that game again? Ah, yes:

Costa Rica, to their credit, have put the snowy conditions of that game behind them and worked on their hahahaha I'm lying they're still as whiny as ever about it.

How have they responded? They've dragged the United States through a torrent of angry fans at the airport, and allowed the team bus to get egged. (If a scattered 'No fair play USA' is the best chant they can come up with, I'm not too worried about how their atmosphere will be.) They refused to provide them with training balls and several training grounds refused them. They even made up shit, saying that people in the crowd were 'pelting them with snowballs' in the original game just so they could pretend to be a victim even more than before. Fabulous.

Some people have tried to call this trolling. This is not, however, trolling. This is simply a dash of pure, unadulterated butthurt from a team that would have been absolutely fine with the result had they managed to get the snowy assgoal 16 minutes into the match.

Tonight's game is supposedly going to take place in a somewhat warm rainstorm. Hopefully the game isn't a COMPLETE FARCE because the pitch is a little wet. Only three points could make this any more delicious.