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Colorado Rapids Thugcast - Episode 48: Let's Try This Again!

Little did we know that the Thugcast would be a good forecast on how the Rapids would do. That in mind, work this time, damnit!

Remember when the Thugcast was completely terrible and broke halfway through last week because BlogTalkRadio is clownshoes? Well, turns out that was a pretty apt metaphor for how the Rapids were going to play against Sporting Kansas City. Let's hope that this week, things go a bit differently on both counts.

We'll have to talk about that SKC game, I suppose. If we can avoid doing so, I'm sure we can find other stuff to talk about. The USMNT, perhaps? (See you in Columbus!) Maybe an upcoming game or the current Western Conference playoff picture with the most recent results in mind? I dunno, we make this crap up as we go along most of the time.

Click on this text right here or on the Thugcast logo below to be taken to this week's show page. See you at 7 p.m. Mountain Time. Tune in or call in for great justice!