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The Daily Wave: The Race Seems Down To Six

A wild weekend of results has made it look like a six-team race with Vancouver and Dallas both dropping points.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

It was never going to be an easy romp to the playoffs for the Colorado Rapids. Not with the dropped points that the team was plagued with earlier in the season, not with the games in hand that every other team had back in August and certainly not with the tightness of the Western Conference this season as compared to last. This weekend's results certainly didn't hurt Colorado's odds, though.

Chivas USA were the least helpful team in the West over the weekend, allowing the 10-man Quakes to snag a late victory. Those three points have the Quakes only a single point behind the Rapids and Galaxy, though both of those teams have a game in hand.

Past the Quakes though, it wasn't a wholly unfriendly weekend in the West in terms of clearing the playoff picture's waters a bit. Vancouver hilariously dropped a 1-0 result to Real Salt Lake's B squad at home, while FC Dallas got smoked 4-2 by the recently upstart Columbus Crew. That leaves Dallas with 40 points and Vancouver with 41, with four games to go for both teams. At this point, both of those teams would need to have quite a few results fall their way to make the playoffs.

That in mind, it looks like this is going to be a six-team race for those five spots. Two of Colorado's last four games come against those teams, and it could quickly become a seven-team race regardless of form if the Rapids overlook those two games against Vancouver. It's going to be a tight one.