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Portland Timbers 1 Colorado Rapids 0 - Remember Dallas Away?

Remember FC Dallas away? This was pretty much that 2.0.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest problem with moving to the East Coast for me has been the fact that games are on so damn late now. Case in point: it's 1 am and I'm quite tired. So let's just plow through this one with a quick reminiscence.

Remember the opening game of the year against FC Dallas? This match was pretty much a carbon copy of that match. So, uh, just go back and think about everything you remember from that game, except replace Steward Ceus with Drew Moor as the man who made the awful mistake. Everything else was pretty much the same. Lots of chances and possession, but not all that much in terms of shots on target and, of course, goals. Diego Valeri was the goalscorer for the Timbers.

Let's just hope that the Rapids look better after this long layoff than they did last time around, and I'll see you for the match against Seattle!