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24 Under 24 Is Hilarious, Dillon Powers & Deshorn Brown Only Rapids Named

The third best defense in the league is anchored by some guys under the age of 24! Let's not include any of them on that 24 Under 24 list.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

MLS has been hyping up the Colorado Rapids more than we're used to this year. It's hard not to take notice of them, with their fantastic core of youth players. Most of the big names on this Rapids team are under the age of 24, with a lot of them getting calls for eventual US Men's National team action. Chris Klute, Shane O'Neill and Clint Irwin are all a part of the third best defense in the entire league this season. (Apparently Irwin wasn't actually eligible, making MLS' list merely 66% stupid rather than 100%!)

Naturally, none of those three made this season's 24 under 24 list, MLS' annual circlejerk of the players they want you to care about. I agree with a lot of the players on there, of course. Deshorn Brown and Dillon Powers both made the list, but they were both ranked under 20th place. (These are two rookie of the year candidates here, both being rated under the likes of Bill 'Greased Gloves' Hamid.)

Anything I say is all really fluff though, we already knew the list was a joke the second they put Gyasi Zardes at No. 7 and spent the entire post, even the 'what can be improved' section, heaping praise upon him. (NOTE: HE HAS THREE GOALS. THREE. HE'S BEEN A REALLY SHITTY VERSION OF DESHORN BROWN. THANK YOU.)

I look forward to Matt Doyle apologizing in a later post, like he did last year when Martin Rivero failed to make the list.