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Colorado Rapids Thugcast - Episode 50 (!)

We've made it to our half-a-centennial show! We've got plenty to talk about on the Rapids Thugcast, as well. Won't you join us?

50 shows! We've done 50 shows without ragequitting! Or rather, we will have done 50 shows by the end of the evening. It's Thugcast Night again, and we have plenty to chat about, especially since BlogTalkRadio has been quite good at cutting our shows off when they're getting good the past few weeks.

Ah, well. We've got a victory over FC Dallas (TACTICZ!!) to talk about, along with an upcoming match against the Portland Timbers, as of right now one of only two Western Conference teams that the Rapids have not beaten this season. (Seattle, as per usual, is the other.) We also have some emails that have come through the line that we'll chat about. Maybe a little ribbing at Chivas for doing a thing that probably won't help matters at all? Who knows.

Click on this text right here or on the big Thugcast logo below to be taken to this week's show page on BlogTalkRadio. And please join us at 7 p.m. MT for today's Thuggy goodness.