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The Daily Wave: 3 Positives From Another Win

The latest win for the Rapids highlighted the fan support, Edson Buddle's resurgence, and the team's growing self-belief.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Rapids could easily have been sufficiently distracted against FC Dallas to let three points slip away, and the fans had every excuse to stay home.  But the team gutted out another win, highlighting three important positives.

The first was the impressive crowd at the game.  On a night when I'm guessing many (if not most) fans would have expected the game to be postponed, when flooding surely kept some fans at home, when traffic concerns must have kept some fans at home, and when the weather likely kept some fans at home, the Rapids' stadium looked more full than it did most of last season.  As an out-of-town TV watcher, I got used to the disappointing sight of empty stands the past couple years.  Reading the "COLORADO" on the seats behind the field was a given, I would just hope a few letters would be partially obscured.  This weekend, despite all of the very good reasons for fans to stay home, the stadium looked fairly full.  It was tough to make out any of the giant white letters on the seats.  A huge standing ovation to the fans who showed up (and made a lot of noise) to help the Rapids win what could have been a classic letdown game.

Edson Buddle is another nice surprise of late.  He's been more active, more involved in the play, more dangerous on and off the ball, scoring goals, and he visually looks in better shape than he has all season.  All of this seems to have started when the Rapids signed Gabriel Torres.  It's a wonder what serious competition can do for a player, and his team.

Lastly, the Rapids just tripled their comeback win total from 2012.  All three (Montreal, New England, and Dallas) have come in the last two and a half months.  In the season and a half prior to the Montreal game, the Rapids had a total of one comeback win (also against Montreal, in May of 2012).  This team believes in itself, and going down a goal is no longer a confidence crusher.