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Good News All Around: Rapids vs. Dallas Is Game On, Diego Calderon Is Back

Good news all around!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There was a bit of a wondering session over here yesterday regarding the game against FC Dallas tomorrow. Since Commerce City was underwater, there was a chance the game was going to be postponed. Fortunately, the Rapids have stepped in and issued a statement today saying that the game will indeed go on as planned.

It's worth noting though, the I-70 exit to Quebec is still pretty screwed up, so you may want to find an alternate route to the stadium or leave a few dozen hours early if you're going to the game.

In other news from the Rapids today, Diego Calderon is back off the disabled list. He'll be back in contention for the last few games of the season, though there's a chance he won't get on the field ahead of the very in-form defense. Only Kory Kindle and Davy Armstrong remain injured on the team.

So, good news all around!