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Commerce City Currently Underwater, Will The Rapids Game Be Postponed?

If we need to postpone our game on Saturday to help people get the hell out of the watery doom that is currently sloshing all over Colorado, I'm pretty sure we're all fine with it.

These actual Rapids ain't much fun.
These actual Rapids ain't much fun.
Mark Metcalfe

Unless we're planning on playing in an actual torrent of Rapids, one might not be off if they were to bet on the Rapids game against FC Dallas on Saturday being postponed. If you somehow haven't heard, the entire state of Colorado appears to be underwater at the moment, and Commerce City looks like it's going to be one of the hardest hit areas. Entire sections of the city are being evacuated at the moment.

Helping matters out exactly zero percent is the fact that the Eastbound ramp off Quebec on I-70 is destroyed. You might know, that's the main vein to DSGP.

I'm currently in Florida, so I can only imagine what the hell is going on out there. Stay safe, everyone.