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Colorado Rapids vs. Sporting Kansas City - Man Of The Match Vote

These are always harder to do after a loss! Who was the Man of the Match in that awful showing against Sporting Kansas City?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

I don't know if I'd quite call anyone 'Man of the Match material' after that performance against Sporting Kansas City. Perhaps the 'Least Worst Player of the Match' award is in order instead.

Ah well. Let's get this out of the way, who did you have as your top performer against KC? Here's my three candidates, keeping in mind that I don't think anyone was particularly amazing:

Shane O'Neill - Other than one backpass that caught Clint Irwin out of sorts, O'Neill was by far the tidiest defender on the Rapids all night. He also had some of the best runs up the field of anyone in the first half and nearly equalized at the very end of the match. Unfortunate that the team's streak of being unbeaten with him in the lineup, and not because of him.

Vicente Sanchez - At times, Vicente looked like the only player on the team that noticed they were supposed to be playing a soccer game in the first half. That alone qualifies him as an MoM candidate.

Edson Buddle - He did score the goal that equalized the game for the Rapids and was a perfect 4/4 in the passing game, but he'd be a bit more tantalizing as a MoM choice if he had buried that stupidly easy chance he created for himself right after scoring the goal.