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OFFICIAL: Colorado Rapids Sign Panamanian Star Gabriel Torres

Finally, Gaby Torres is a Colorado Rapid, the first DP in the history of the team.


There were twists, turns, hearts in throats and wrenched guts galore, but the Rapids won out in the end: After two weeks of postulating, predicting, rumor-mongering and hash-tagging, the Colorado Rapids have officially signed Pamananian youngster Gabriel Torres.

The full details of the contract are unknown at the moment, but we do know that he will come in and provide a new No. 9 type player to help the Rapids get the goals that they have been so sorely lacking at times this season. He'll also be the first Designated Player in the history of the franchise. Watching him pair up with fellow new signing Vicente Sanchez along with Deshorn Brown, Tony Cascio and the rest of the young talent on the squad should be a treat.

Torres will likely not be ready to play against Chivas USA this weekend, but it will be interesting to see him suit up the week after when the Rapids play a vital match against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Just sit back and relax everyone, #GabyWatch is finally over.