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Colorado Rapids Thugcast, Episode 45

Vicente Sanchez is signed, the Rocky Mountain Cup is back in Colorado, and Gaby Torres... well, we'll see. It's a big week in Rapidsland and that means a big Thugcast. Seriously, like 30 minutes bigger than usual!

So, uh, anything happen this week?

I mean, other than the Rocky Mountain Cup being won back in a stormy game, Vicente Sanchez getting signed on and Gabriel Torres continuing to keep our stomachs in our throats? Yeah, nothing other than that. A big week for the Rapids combined with the fact that we're suddenly getting calls, means that we're going 120 minutes instead of 90 this time around! (It will probably stay that way for the future as well, it's not like Ben and I are ever at a loss for words or anything.)

Episode 45 of the Thugcast featured a call-in from Alicia of The Goat Parade, our Chivas USA blog, to discuss the Goats ahead of the match this weekend, along with the live signing of Gabriel Torres, complete with Kool And The Gang!

Click on the logo below or click this text to be taken to this week's show page, and make sure to tune in and call in at 7 p.m Mountain time tonight.