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The Final Countdown: Gabriel Torres Expected In Colorado Tomorrow

Colorado has less than a day to sign Gabriel Torres, and he's expected to be in Colorado on Thursday. Will he sign?


We're quickly running out of time. If the Rapids are to sign Gabriel Torres, which has now been a rumor on the tips of our tongues for two weeks, they're going to have to do it on Thursday before the transfer deadline finally hits.

Fortunately, Paul Bravo has confirmed that Gaby is going to be in Colorado tomorrow as the Rapids continue to try and finalize his signing. That's the first time since the game against Canada in the Gold Cup that he'll set foot in Colorado, and it's the first actually confirmed report of where he's going to be at all, come to think of it. Prior to this, there had been talk of him being in France to have a medical with AJ Auxerre.

There's all sorts of reports out there that are saying the Rapids have Torres on lock, but we're not going to get our hopes up until we have a picture of him actually signing a contract. Until then, the nail-biter will continue, but it can't continue for very much longer.