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Deshorn Brown Shockingly Not Nominated For Goal Of The Week

Good one, MLS.


Running 30 yards with the ball, unmarked, and finishing from a somewhat bad angle? Goal of the week nominee.

Finishing with your feet, possibly accidentally, while unmarked at the top of the six-yard box after a good cross in? Goal of the week nominee.

Finishing a completely unmarked header? Goal of the week nominee... actually, nominees.

Chasing down a bouncing ball from 20 yards away, skinning two defenders and putting it away with a diving finish? Nah, go sit down.

If you are honestly telling me that you think Deshorn Brown's goal was less impressive than Jonny Steele or Conor Doyle's goals, you're either lying or... no, actually, you're totally lying. I'm surprised that Ned Grabavoy's tap-in didn't somehow make the Goal of the Week highlight reel since they seem to think that the best goals come from people that are completely unmarked, which all five GotW nominees were this time around.