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Colorado Rapids 'Road To The Playoffs' Rooting Guide - 8/30-9/1

Who do we want to win, lose and draw this weekend in MLS? It's another Rooting Guide!


This was very nearly late, but I fortunately remembered that there was a Western Conference game tonight! Yes, it's Week Two of our 'Road To The Playoffs' rooting guide, where we decide who we want to win to help the Rapids get an easier road to the MLS postseason.

Rapids games, of course, will not be included because it's pretty obvious what the best result is. Since there aren't any midweek games this time around, we'll have a lot fewer games to pay attention to this time around, but we're still hoping to see these results (remember, we're trying to keep as few draws out of the occasion as possible, as that would almost always be the best result.):

Game Who To Root For
8/30 - Real Salt Lake vs. Portland Timbers A Draw, again. Portland and RSL drawing twice in a row will be wonderful for keeping the top of the table set at as few points as possible. It happened last time and we can hope history will repeat itself.
8/31 - Columbus Crew vs. Seattle Sounders Crew win. This will not happen, because the Crew are terrible at helping us out as they showcased last weekend.
8/31 - LA Galaxy vs. San Jose Earthquakes LA win. At this point, we have to start hoping that San Jose will drop enough points to keep them from a late run at the playoffs, so they'll be a team we're rooting against for a few weeks. Not that we were actually rooting for them at any point...
9/1 - Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Chivas USA Chivas win. Hey, they were able to beat New York last week, so anything's possible. (We'll not mention what they did against Dallas.)

We're 3-4 in our rooting guide needs so far since we've started, so let's hope this week goes a bit better. (We'll take three correct answers again!)


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