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Panamanian Teammate Roberto Brown Says Gabriel Torres Is Coming To Colorado

According to fellow Pamananian and former Rapids forward Roberto Brown, Gaby Torres will be transferring to the Colorado Rapids after all.


And the roller coaster swerves back around! It looked likely a few days ago that the Rapids were going to sign Gabriel Torres. After that, it sounded like he was going to AJ Auxerre in France instead.

Panamanian teammate Roberto Brown, he of 60 appearances and 20 goals for La Marea Roja since 2000, has shifted the conversation the other way this morning with a tweet insisting that his teammate was going to Colorado to meet with the Rapids tomorrow.

Google Translate kind of sucks, so I'll use the translation that the Denver Post gave us when they wrote about this story instead:

"Gaby Torres will travel to Colorado this Sunday! Among many options, he chose the MLS. He will be the star player for that club."

Brown played for the Rapids back in 2007, netting three goals in 13 appearances, so is his tweet just hope that his current teammate will join his former MLS side? Hopefully, it isn't, and instead he's got the inside scoop on what's going on with his Panamanian teammate. Let's all just hope that we can get the whole Torres saga out of the way by the time the Rapids play Chivas USA next week.


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