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Colorado Rapids Thugcast - Episode 47 (Was Canceled)

The Thugcast broke, please try again later.

The Thugcast broke this week because Blog Talk Radio was terribly broken while we were trying to record. Sorry, guys.

Ah, a refreshing week off was good for everybody, and we took one off as well. I said I would use the time off to get a new microphone, but the whole lack of money thing kept me from doing that. So instead, I just slept for the entire last week. Hopefully the Rapids weren't doing the same, as they had a game to prepare for this weekend!

We'll be talking about the playoff situation in the Western Conference and the upcoming game against Sporting Kansas City coming up this weekend on the Thugcast this time around, along with whatever the hell else we missed out on chatting about over last week.

Click on the giant Thugcast logo down there or on the text right here to be taken to this week's show page on Blog Talk Radio. Make sure to tune in or call in at 7 p.m. Mountain Time tonight!