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Davy Armstrong Suffers Torn ACL

The Rapids may look nearly completely healthy, but the back end of the depth at defender took a hit with Davy Armstrong and Kory Kindle being announced as injured yesterday.

Justin Edmonds

I had a whole thing ready for next week about how the Rapids' injury woes are finally over, with everyone ready for selection except Diego Calderon, who will hopefully be ready to play again any day now. Unfortunately, the party was crashed by the Rapids themselves, who put out a post yesterday saying that Davy Armstrong and Kory Kindle were injured.

Davy's was the worse of the two, suffering a torn ACL during his time on loan with Phoenix FC last month. You really have to feel sorry for Davy, it's just been one blah moment after another for him. First he gets signed on as the first homegrown guy in team history with a decent amount of hype behind him but can't find the first team under Gary Smith, then he's forced to change position several times and now he finally gets playing time and busts up his ACL.

Fortunately, the Rapids probably won't miss Davy or Kory all that much, since they couldn't even manage to find the field during that horrible team-wide injury crisis earlier in the season. If the biggest injury problem the team has through November is those two guys, we're in good shape for the playoff run.