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The Daily Wave: Playoffs?!

Can the Rapids actually make the playoffs?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor


Can the Rapids actually make the playoffs? That is the million dollar question right now. With just eight games left in the season for the Rapids, it will come down to the very end of the season. Any lose could be the difference between the Rapids making or missing the playoffs. The Rapids are currently on a nine game unbeaten streak, the longest such streak in Rapids history.

Some might say that the Rapids hold their fate in their own hands. While that might be true to an extent, the Rapids do need to rely on some help from the rest of the West in order to make it to the playoffs. With every team in the West having games in hand on the Rapids, the Rapids would need to win out in order to assure themselves a spot in the playoffs.

Winning out is almost assuredly not going to happen. However, with the how much the other teams in the West play each other over the final stretch of the season the Rapids will get help and will not need to win all of their remaining games (which would be a feat unto itself). While Rapids fans would love for the team to continue their unbeaten streak, it just is not a reality. The biggest thing that the Rapids have going for them is that they have two more games against fellow Western Conference playoff contender Vancouver Whitecaps. With the final two games of both teams seasons being against each other, a playoff position will undoubtedly be on the line.

The Rapids have done all they can do to make sure they are in the best position possible when it comes to the playoffs. Vicente Sanchez has already shown how much of an impact he will have going forward with the Rapids. His assist against Vancouver was a thing of beauty. With Gabriel Torres, Deshorn Brown, and (yes) Edson Buddle the Rapids will undoubtedly by a force to reckon with in the final eight games of their season.