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Colorado Rapids Thugcast - Episode 46

Let's just skim over that Chivas game, shall we? There's Gabriel Torres and the Whitecaps to talk about!

Why am I making the show two hours again this week? Because we're probably going to need a full 90 minutes of our two hour Rapids Thugcast to talk about that game against Chivas USA. Or else we'll just try to skim past that and move on quickly with a heaping helping of awkward silences.

After that, Ben and I have a game against the Vancouver Whitecaps to talk about. We may have been saying that Chivas USA was a must-win game, but the one against Vancouver is seriously must-win, for real this time. Gaby Torres and Vicente Sanchez will probably also get a few minutes of chatter, as well. (He signed during our show last week, I'll remind you!

Click this text right here or click on the Thugcast logo below to get taken to the show page for this week's episode. Make sure to tune in and call in at 7:00 p.m. Mountain time!