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Rumors: Rapids Target Gabriel Torres Passes Medical At AJ Auxerre

Is Gaby Torres going to France? If a supporter's group for AJ Auxerre is to be believed, he's passed a medical with their club.

Tasos Katopodis

The much talked about Gabriel Torres signing may never come to fruition, as signs continue to point south on the potential transfer between him and Zamora FC of Honduras. New info keeps coming out about the whole thing, with Biacnhi reporting earlier that it wasn't actually Zamora that was holding the transfer up, but the Panamanian club that Torres' rights belong to.

It might not end up mattering in the end though, because he continues to get shouts from other teams.

This time, an AJ Auxerre supporters club tweeted out that he had passed a medical with the second tier French team, who had been linked with him for the past week or so -- just about as long as the Rapids had. Since he's not even set foot in Colorado yet, at least since the Gold Cup games where the Rapids talked to him in the first place, that would obviously put Auxerre in the lead of the race for his signature.

This comes only a short time after Total Sport PA, a Panamanian sports newspaper, tweeted that he was on his way to France for a medical, so it's not hard to connect the dots on the two. Even if the Supporters Group is making it up that he took and passed it, it does sound like he was in France.

There has been no actual concrete info released about the ordeal yet from the Rapids or AJ Auxerre's official twitter account, but Chris Bianchi is looking around for info. We're all on the edge of our seats as this twisting and turning transfer continues to unfold.