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Colorado Rapids vs. DC United - Game Preview

Colorado is finally back on winning terms, and have a fine chance to continue that streak with the worst team in MLS paying them a visit on Sunday.

Ned Dishman

Apologies for the abbreviated preview today, I'm currently on the road and am typing this under a strict deadline! (OK, not really, I'm just lazy.)

Colorado finally got back to the winning ways that they were treasuring earlier in the year with two straight victories over the two best teams in the Eastern Conference, the Impact and the Red Bulls.

There is probably no better chance they'll be seeing this year to make that winning streak three on Sunday, when DC United head to Dick's Sporting Goods Park for the second game of 'freedom weekend' in Colorado. Not only is Colorado historically good at fireworks games, but United are the worst team in the league, and it ain't even close.

Ben Olsen's lot of players look like they should be a decent team, and in fact made a pretty nice run in the playoffs last season before bowing out to the Houston Dynamo. Unfortunately, anything that worked last year has been a disaster this time around. Dwayne De Rosario has lost his sharpness on the attack, Chris Pontius has been injured, every defender on that team appears to have lost their luster en route to a -21 goal differential... the list goes on.

Basically what I'm saying is, Colorado needs to win this game. Last year they dropped points early and often, even against teams that they looked like they had the quality to get points from. So far this year, especially against the Eastern Conference, it's been the opposite. A 2010-style flub against DC simply will not do.