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The Daily Wave: The Edge Is Back!.....???

I can't understand, I can't guess, the Rapids are a labyrinth of confusion.


Watching mice run through a maze looking for cheese is one of the longest debacles of any psychology class. Whether they can smell the cheese or not is irrelevant. It still takes them a millenia to make it to the end of the maze. Sometimes it moves quickly with quick and wise decisions, and sometimes it is rash and slow about where it will go next.

The Colorado Rapids are a team in which fans never know what product will be produced on the field. It is always difficult to predict when the Rapids are capable of striking. The last two weeks have been contrary to what the Rapids have done in the following weeks after the break. Granted, the defense and Irwin allowed three goals against the Montreal Impact, they were able to shut out a frustrated and unorganized New York Red Bulls team.

"Collectively as a team we need to take responsibility," Tim Cahill stated after the match. The Red Bulls have been on a slippery slope as have the Rapids. Fortunately, aggression, determination, and the understanding that this is make or break time for Colorado overwhelmed the second place Red Bulls.

The one theory that I have is that Shane O'Neill is the key. the Rapids slid past the Impact without him, but destroyed New York with him. The young defender had many good plays against the New York strikers saving Drew Moor twice, and German Mera at least once. Clint Irwin seems to feel more comfortable with O'Neill on the pitch. If we look at this, O'Neill is back from U-20s, meaning the Rapids could have a great finish to the season. They are 6-0-4 when O'Neill is on the field, meaning that the 19 year old could be the key the Rapids need to make a playoff run.

If the Rapids can keep that kid on the field, they have shot at improving their standings/record, and making the playoffs at a better seed than 8th such as 2010. It's a lot of pressure to put on O'Neill, but numbers don't always lie, and I'm convinced he's the reason that the Rapids defense holds, when they hold.