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The Daily Wave: Deshorn Brown Revisited

A while back, we had an article on possibly sitting Deshorn Brown. Let's look back.


A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article saying that it was time for Deshorn Brown to sit on the bench and come on as a sub. We saw this happen on Saturday against Montreal. Edson Buddle started up top in the 4-2-3-1 formation. Deshorn Brown subbed into the game around the 72nd minute. Shortly after he came in he made his presence known.

Working against an old tired defense Brown was able to score his first goal from a Rapids offensive possession. On the play he was able to dump a ball over to Chris Klute and then find space for himself once Klute put the ball back into the middle.

This wasn't the only time that Brown made his presence known however. On the game winning drive; Brown was running down the middle of the field while Klute was dribbling the ball forward. Klute tried to dump the ball back into the middle of the field to a streaking Brown. The defense had to account for Brown knowing that his fresh legs were something that they could not contend with. This left Tony Cascio wide open to be able to put the ball into the back of the net.

One day the Colorado Rapids will count on Brown as a starter, but for now the best way to use him would be to use his ability to take on tired defenses with his speed and fresh legs in the last few minutes of the game.