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Davy Armstrong Sent Out On Loan To Phoenix FC

The first homegrown player in Colorado Rapids history has struggled to get playing time since being signed in 2010, so the Rapids have sent him out on loan to Phoenix FC of the USL.

Justin Edmonds

It's been a bit of a rough road for Davy Armstrong since he became the first homegrown player in the history of the Colorado Rapids in late 2010. Though he has appeared in a few friendlies, Open Cup matches and CCL matches in 2011, Armstrong has only cracked the first team for a league match a single time, during a late-season game last year.

His position has been in question as well, going from midfielder to defender a few times since being signed. Originally an attacking midfielder, he seems to have cemented himself as a right back for the future, but he still hasn't been able to push his way into the starting 18 except in the case of injury crisis.

Apparently, Colorado has decided to do something about it to give him extra playing time, by loaning him to Phoenix FC of the USL. Fortunately, Colorado's injury situation has improved quite a bit in the past two months and he likely won't be missed unless we get another 'first month of the season' thing going on.


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