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Gabriel Torres Reminds Us 'Nada Es Oficial' On Twitter

The signing of Gaby Torres went from what sounded like a sure thing to a worrying nail-biter with just one tweet on Tuesday night.


With endorsements from both Chris Bianchi and Tim Hinchey on twitter, the rumored Gabriel Torres signing for the Colorado Rapids seemed like about as close to a sure thing as a rumored signing can get. Fortunately for all of us, Gaby himself was plenty prepared to take to Twitter on Tuesday night

Translated by the fine folks at Google Translate: "Good evening gentlemen so far nothing is official is in negotiations with several clubs soon will know the official club!"

What does that mean? It probably means that he wasn't nearly as close to signing as we were initially told. Plenty of other clubs have been linked with him, including a Mexican club and French club AJ Auxerre, who had been talking about Torres since before he was even linked with the Rapids.

Though this is nothing like the Charles Eloundou thing (seriously, it's not, stop with the stupid jokes) we may still have another chapter to be written before we get to see Panama's No. 9 in a Rapids uniform. At the very least, this probably indicates that he's not going to be there before the Real Salt Lake game on Saturday, which was the hope from the start.

EDIT: For what it's worth, Chris Bianchi's sources are still completely sticking to their story. He's rarely been wrong before, so it's probably not time to pull out the worry-worting quite yet.