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Colorado Rapids Thugcast, Episode 43 - The Spookiest Podcast In Football

We talked about some Panamanian you may have heard of as well as a recent and upcoming game on the Thugcast this week.

So, anything happen in Rapidsland recently? It's time for another episode of the Colorado Rapids Thugcast, which will soon be renamed to the Rapids Ghoulcast, the Spookiest podcast in all of football. Why's that, you ask? Well, the Rapids are reportedly getting ready to sign... well, you know by now. We'll tell you more on the show, anyway!

In addition to the Torres signing, we've got a draw against the Seattle Sounders and an upcoming huge match against the LA Galaxy at The Dick to talk about, along with our usual ramblings about the Gold Cup. (Sorry, Mexico fans, you might not enjoy this one. We're having a laugh for sure.)

Click on the Thugcast logo below or click on this text right here to be taken to the show page on Blog Talk Radio and listen to the show that we recorded this evening. It was a good one, I swear!