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The Daily Wave: The Harbottle Case

The Rapids walked away with a point in Seattle, the first ever mind you. Do they really need to risk their season on a player who hasn't played much?

Don't get me wrong. I want to see Kevin Harbottle as much as the next person after watching everything he's done in preseason and reserve games. Sure he played the first few matches of the 2013 season, but can we call that success considering that the Rapids' record with Harbottle was 0-3-1 when he played during the first four matches of the season?

The Rapids went 2-1-2 the month following his injury. Now, please understand that I am not attributing this to Harbottle alone, but isn't it possible that there are just better players than Harbottle on this roster considering that the Rapids just left Seattle with their first ever point? Something not even the 2010 Cup winning team could do.

Fans continue to call for Harbottle even though the Rapids seem to be doing well without him in the starting lineup or even as a sub for that matter. Granted he's been in the starting eighteen, which is good to see because he has proven to be the creative player, which may be the final piece that the Rapids are missing without Martin Rivero, Colorado has built cohesion with their normal starters outside of him being in the lineup.

Honestly, who would fans rather have in the lineup, Rivero or Harbottle since their skillset is somewhat similar. If it were me, I'd say Rivero, and when Rivero returns, it's doubtful we see Harbottle. If the season was going down in flames, it would be a good time for experimentation by putting Harbottle back in the lineup, but the Rapids have had their fair share of experimentation this season and its paid off thus far. Colorado is gaining confidence and building momentum going into the final months of the season.

I would personally rather stick with what the Rapids have built in their starters now until it proves that it doesn't work than take a risk on a player who hasn't been on the winning side when he's played. Again, don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have him on the team and am excited to see what he can do, but is now really the time?

In addition, the Rapids look to sign a new DP, another player to possibly join the ranks of the starters. Either way, if Harbottle plays, I won't argue, in fact, I'll be excited, but if he doesn't, I'll feel a bit more secure.